Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mak Cun 2 Episod 9

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That is right...Mak Cun is back! This time around, we see that Mak Cun"s cold powder businessis doing really well. Seeing this, Manisah feels threatened and came up with a new slimming product. even though she seems to be all okay in front of MaK Cun, deep inside, Manisah stil hold grudges against her. Just when things are going well for Mak Cun, dato' Noris, her dealer couldn't be contacted. Apparently, dato' Noris factory has been shut down. Due to this Mak Cun lost all of her clients. At the same time Mak Cun has to arrange Atul's wedding preparation. She starts to feels annoyed to Chombi-Manisah's sister in law cum wedding planner for Kamarul's side of the reception. This is bacause Chombi is starting to plan and arrange what Mak Cun has to do for her side as well!